Our business is to create atmosphere of connection.


We personalize and deliver unique designs for your event. Whether it’s 3D layouts, event landing pages, brochures, agendas or signage, our in-house team of designers use their creativity to ensure that every event looks and feels professional and cohesive.


We offer a variety of production services including stage design, mapped and wide projection, LED, audio visual media, interactive solutions, lighting, sound and generators.


 From venue selection to transportation, you can be confident that Zum Brazil will take care of every detail to make your event a success. Zum Brazil has a full team of professionals to handle every aspect of your event: airfare, agenda organization, general and track sessions as well as onsite and offsite dinners.


Our events are supported by Zum Digital, Zum Brazil’s own event management portal, which allows our clients to have full access to the planning, execution, and follow up for each event. Zum Digital provides real-time results including statistics, surveys, and data collection to measure event performance year after year.

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Libb's 4th National Sales Convention-Riviera Maya 2015

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Let us make your next corporate event something you will never forget.

Why us ?

Zum Brazil Eventos, has been operating in the Brazilian cities of Salvador, Bahia, and Sao Paulo for the past 15 years, offering a large range of services for corporate events.


We have worked to achieve total client satisfaction for the past 15+ years.


We transform your ideas into a fully functioning event by providing comprehensive design and creative services.


We specialize in encouraging audience engagement by using games, surveys, and digital agendas; among other technical tools, to connect guests at every event.


We provide the most up-to-date visual and digital technology.

Think Different

Take your event to the next level with us. “Perfect” is not enough; we want ‘Unforgettable’.


We have a support line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Zum Digital is a unique software owned by Zum Brazil designed to connect attendees, while giving clients full control during the creation, execution and follow up of each event.  Zum Digital provides real-time results including statistics, surveys, and data collection to measure event performance year after year.

We have a wide range of digital games with corporate focus that are used at conferences, fairs, and convention booths to increase audience engagement.

Digital Communities

We offer a complete private social network for your company or event. This network stimulates discussion about topics, news, and videos while serving as a vehicle for distributing polls, surveys, documents, and other features.

Interactivity OnDemand

Increase networking and engagement at your event through the Zum Digital App, which allows guests to not only interact with one another but also to submit questions to keynote speakers.


We create customized Apps for trade shows and events with practical functions including: event maps, schedule, keynote speakers, surveys, news, videos, and room availability. Zum Digital puts all relevant information at the attendees’ fingertips via smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Portals and Websites

Custom website development for events and complete portals with news media and forms.

Event Performance

Zum Digital provides an easy way to track and measure your event results by creating a database that analyzes crucial aspects like attendance, satisfaction levels, event ratings and guest information. This information will help your company to create its own archive of valuable data to improve your event year after year.

What our clients say about us

  • Zum Brazil made my job easier since I am based in California and was trying to plan an event in Brazil. The language barrier was not a problem and I was completely confident and comfortable with them. They made sure to meet me whenever I was in town to set everything up and make sure that all of my questions were answered. I would recommend them to any other corporate client and use them if I ever did an event in Brazil again.

    Esmeralda Rodrigues - BLUE COAT EVENTS

    I would like to thank you for the professionalism and services provided by Zum Brazil in Salvador. As I have already mentioned the professionalism of the company is increasingly satisfying and there is no company in Salvador that can top you guys. Without Zum we would not have had (you will not have) the services and technology that made our event what (is) it was. There is nothing better for a customer then to know that everything was planned and executed properly.



· Company Top of Mind 2007
· Company certified by the Top of Quality award in 2010 and 2011
· Company contemplated by the bronze seal design maintains Brazil
· Company awarded the Silver Alligator Caio Award 2011
· Company awarded the Bronze Award Alligator Caio 2012
· Company Top of Quality 2014
· Best Agency Promo 2014
· Company awarded the Silver Alligator Caio Award 2015

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